About Us

GolinMagic is new venture that has been formed by combining the staff and clients of both Golin in China and Magic Group. GolinMagic combines more than 16 years’ experience working for local and multi-national companies in China with the reach and expertise of a Top 10 global network and a 60-year heritage in content creation and public relations.

For Chinese brands to excel both domestically and internationally, we believe they have to embrace creativity and reject mediocrity. That is why we strive to do things differently. That is why we Go All In for our clients and each other.

Our Ethos

Go All In is our ethos. It’s our commitment to bravery over mediocrity. And so we organise ourselves differently to ensure that our clients get integrated campaigns that have insight grounded in data, ideas that are creatively brave and programmes that seamlessly integrate across all the relevant channels.

The Way we Work

Our innovative g4 model means we do things differently. Four specialist communities made up of designers, writers, videographers, storytellers, strategists and other specialists collaborate to plan and execute creative communications campaigns that ensure positive results for our clients.

Our Network

GolinMagic is part of Golin and the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou plus access to a network of over 30 cities across China. In the region it is part of a network of 17 group-owned offices in Asia stretching across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea through Southeast Asia and India to Australia. Globally, Golin has over 50 offices and 1,000 staff.

Industry Expertise







We do things differently. We had the courage to change our entire structural model, from a hierarchy of generalists to communities of specialists to address the dramatic changes in the communications industry. Using our revolutionary g4 model, our specialist communities use proprietary tools to plan and execute powerful campaigns designed to create positive change for our clients.


deliver insight and measurement through research, analytics and planning.


generate ideas and design and produce creative content to bring those ideas to life.


engage consumer and business audiences across earned, owned, shared and paid media.


lead business, grow client relationships, drive change and champion campaigns.

Our Products



The Bridge™ is our holistic engagement network made up of 24 command centres across the world. The Bridge pairs mainstream and digital media experts with creative specialists like copywriters, digital designers and video producers to uncover storytelling opportunities in real time, deliver critical business insights, engage influencers and customers and create the content that shapes news and conversations.



The Bright Collective™ is a co-creation portal where a dazzling collection of diverse creative minds drawn from a range of industries come together to think up big ideas. It combines local, regional and global perspectives, diverse areas of expertise and people from multiple backgrounds and geographies to generate big, channel-neutral ideas that work across various markets.



Brand Story is our rigorous strategic planning process. Our approach is grounded in proprietary and secondary research, which we use to develop unique insights that drive the platform, strategies, tactics and results. Every organisation, company and brand has a story to tell. We’ve made it our mission to discover that story and tell it in the most captivating way to motivate change.



Brand Voice offers a more thoughtful and scientific approach to the art of storytelling. With a laser focus on writing clear, consistent and effective content, the Brand Voice model has helped dozens of Golin clients tell great brand stories that change perceptions, drive trust and inspire action.

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